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About the Department

- 2017/01/09

The Department of Computer Science has been established based on the decree of the Council of High Education no. 13/19/1421, at its nineteenth session held on 10/11/1421H, and approved by King Fahd bin Abdulaziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques –May Allah have mercy on his soul- no. 89/A, on 6/2/1422H.

The first academic year for the department was 1422/1423H, in which the department received its first class and began the academic year on 23/6/1422. That class was graduated in the academic year 1426/1427H.

In light of the scientific and technological revolution witnessed by the world during the last decades in the sciences of computer, countries started to be classified based on its expertise and capacities in this field.

Since it is imperative for the countries to keep pace with this revolution, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exerted great efforts in various fields to cope with this development. It established universities and colleges specialized in that field of science, and provided them with funds, laboratories, and modern devices, and supported the organizations specialized in computer science, which consequently led to reaching advanced levels in all fields and specialties of computer science, and, eventually, benefiting from their outputs to achieve development in other areas.

The most prominent specialties in Computer Science are as follows: Programming, Networks, Information Security, Computers and Networks Security, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Multimedia, Machine Language, Database, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. Computer Science is considered the main essence of these sciences and specialties.

It is our duty to offer the students these different specialties in Computer Science, give them the freedom of choice, and enable them to benefit from various courses in Programming, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Computers Security, Systems Design and Analysis, among other courses that enrich their knowledge, raise their skills, build their capacity, and empower them to become leaders at all levels especially at the industrial level; through introducing Computer Science to state’s local and private industrial institutions.

Department Objectives

Offer the students a strong scientific base reinforced with training and practical experience in Computer Science.
Provide the society with distinct students specialized in Computer Science and capable of coping with the rapid development in this field.
Build the capacity of the students to engage in the practical application and the scientific research in their society.
Adopt modern technologies that the society needs.