Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Scientific Research Labs:

- 2016/06/25

We have a number of research labs related to the members of teaching staff in the department of computer science in several fields including; artificial intelligence, computer networks,  software engineering, multimedia, internet of things and data mining


Research Lab


Artificial Intelligent Real-World Applications Lab


Dr. Ahmed Kattan

Dr. Muhammad Arif

Dr. Saleh Basalamah

Mr. Mohsin Bilal  

Dr. Murtaza Ali Khan

High-Integrity Software Engineering  Lab


Dr. Momin Ansari 

 Dr. Basem Alkazemi

Advanced Media Lab


Dr. Abdur Rahaman

 Dr. Mohamed Ahmed

Dr. Muhammad Arif

Dr. Saleh Basalamah

Dr. Murtaza Ali Khan

Mr. Abid Jamil

Mr. Muhammad Ayaz

Mr. Ashraf Eid

Mr. Ahmad Qamar Ul Islam

Network Research Lab


Dr. Shaleeza Sohail

Dr. Elham Hassanain

Dr. Dalia ElDib 

Internet and Data Mining 


Dr. Mohammed AlGhamdi

Dr. Sultan Almotiri