Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Labs and Classrooms

- 2016/06/25

Devices and equipment available at the department:

The Computer Sciences Department supports its educational process through a number of academic plans that are set according to the national and international standards through a group of tools that include the equipped laboratories for experiments and assignments that help student to understand theories. The graduates enjoy a strong background of scientific and practical knowledge.  Laboratories:  Computer graphics (one lab) ـ Personal computer lab (ten labs)


Description for some laboratories available at the department:

1- Personal Computer Lab

Students can depend on this lab to carry out Java programming tasks, website designing, MATLAB programming. The student can practically solve mathematical equation and be familiar with the bases of application installation, designing and testing.


2- Computer Graphics Lab

Students resort to this lab to create graphic, multimedia and smart phone applications (for example the Apple). It provides a chance for real application of theories that tackle computer graphics and multimedia platforms. In this lab, student can comprehend math equations that create graphics and apply them to the available new Apple computers.