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Committees and functions

- 2018/10/02

Computer Sciences Department Committees


Committee Name

Committee Functions

graduation projects Committee

This committee is entrusted with supervising the research projects and graduation projects, setting plans and appointments, and presenting lectures, courses and workshops that help the students to successfully pass the project.

Academic Guidance Committee

This committee is responsible for following up the Academic Affairs of the students; such as providing academic guidance and promoting awareness among students.

Quality Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining quality standards accredited at the university. It leads the department towards getting academic accreditation from academic accreditation bodies; including national accreditation NCAAA and the American accreditation ABET.

teaching and faculty members development Committee

This committee is responsible for the preparation of setting the standards for the best practices in teaching according to the model of merged education approved by the university. Moreover, this committee is also responsible for developing the skills needed to the faculty members in order to perform their teaching duties. It also provides the means which support the new faculty members. The functions of this Committee also comprises following up and evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching of faculty members in the scientific department, including the members of the Committee.

Curricula Committee

This committee is responsible for considering all proposals on any changes to the curricula of under graduation-stage, including adding new syllabuses, courses, omitting old syllabuses, and developing the academic content of the syllabuses. It is also responsible for evaluating the electronic academic content.

Academic Accreditation Committee

This committee, along with faculty members, follows up the commitment to the requirements of accreditation and the presentation of a Course File at the end of each semester. 

Scientific Research Committee

This committee is responsible for the scientific research of the faculty members and helps them to apply to projects funded by governmental agencies.