Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College Vice Deanship for Academic Development and Quality

- 2021/04/28


The College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality is one of the main vice deanships in the college’s organizational structure. It covers all projects related to the development of the educational process, and ensures that these projects are functioning properly to result in the best outcomes.

The Vice Deanship for Development and Quality is concerned with the development aspect of the students and academic staff members. This is in addition to spreading the concept of quality in accordance with the highest standards of quality at the global level, which is considered the primary way of leading to the success, excellence and creativity of the academic programs in the college.


  • To promote and spread the culture of quality in the college.
  • To follow up the work of the units affiliated with development, and apply quality standards.
  • To prepare and implement the development and strategic plans of the college.
  • To work on evaluation and academic accreditation programs.
  • To work on preparing the college's annual reports.
  • To follow up the update of the college website in relation to its vice deanship and the affiliated administrative units.
  • To oversee the support committees and units affiliated to the vice deanship.

Annual Reports: