Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Monjez Initiative

- 2020/12/27

Overview of the Initiative:

The "Monjez [Achiever] Initiative" is an initiative aimed to qualify students for the labor market, and build their practical skills through (micro-internships) in small businesses. This is accomplished by the clients communicating with the staff of the College of Computer and Information Systems through the Achiever platform to ask for digital or training services to be carried out by the college students under the supervision of the academic staff members, either as a community contribution for a long term period or a paid investment for a short term period.

Objectives of the Initiative:

  • To engage students in the labor market and increase their awareness about the requirements of this market before graduation. 
  • To develop cooperation and partnership with the employers, and give them the opportunity to check the performance of the students without any discrimination, in order to discover the competent students who have only low GPAs. 
  • To increase the confidence of the male and female graduates in their practical capabilities, and help them become successful and active persons in the community. 
  • To improve the college's programs based on the degree of satisfaction of employers with the college graduates. 
  • To market the college's outputs, and make the college name a trusted academic brand. 
  • To develop the college's own resources through investments in resources.

Targeted Group:

  • University students and staff members, and all segments of the society interested in technical fields.

Project Types:

  • Websites
  • Different applications (desktop, Ios, android)
  • Databases
  • Virtual or enhanced reality
  • Games
  • Information Technology
  • Training

Projects implemented by the college’s students during the summer training (1441 A.H.):


Number of Projects: 9 

3 projects for the college

2 projects for the colleges of the university

4 projects from outside the university

Number of Female Students: 14

8 female students from the Department of Computer Science

6 female students from the Department of Information Systems

Number of Academic Supervisors: 6

Dr. Sarah Al-Sharif (2 projects)

Dr. Amr Munshi (2 projects)

Dr. Ahd Al-Jarf (2 projects)

Dr. Hanan Al-Shanbari (1 project)

Ms. Rehab Al-Sudais (1 projects)

Ms. Azizah Al-Thaqafi (1 projects)



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