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Umm Al-Qura University

Etqan Initiative at the College of Computer and Information Systems

- 2020/02/24

Etqan Initiative

Realizing the importance of training and qualifying students of the University in a manner consistent with the needs of the Saudi labor market, in line with Saudi Vision 2030, and based on the directives of His Excellency the President of Umm Al-Qura University, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, the College of Computer and Information Systems is pleased to launch the Etqan Initiative, which aims to provide a training program to prepare students of the University for the requirements of the labor market. The initiative provides a training portfolio with a variety of technical training by continuously providing training programs throughout the week during the academic year. Experts from major technical companies and non-profit governmental and private entities concerned with technology will be sought for cooperation in this endeavor.

Objectives of the Initiative:

  • Enabling male and female students to be aware of everything new in light of the tremendous progress in all technical fields.
  • Providing students with the necessary expertise and contributing to raise their self-confidence.
  • Strengthening efforts to align educational system outcomes with the needs of the labor market in accordance with the principles of career guidance and mentoring.
  • Contributing to developing career and training opportunities for male and female university students.
  • Collaborating with the private and non-profit sectors in delivering innovative programs and events to enhance educational partnerships, and providing training opportunities for graduates locally and internationally.

The training program covers several areas of technology, which are presented to male and female students throughout the week, namely:

Sunday: Sunday - Software Day

This day is dedicated to training in the science of software applications and programming languages of all kinds in terms of open source and other licensed software. Multiple types of applications will be identified, such as: ERP, CRM, BI, BI, Big data, Database.

Monday : Monday – Mobility Day

This day is dedicated to presenting the study of mobility technologies, whether in smart phone applications, in fleet management, or in the science of wireless communications on the move, mobile applications, fleet management, and mobile wireless communication.

Tuesday: Tuesday - Technical Day

This day is dedicated to demonstrating network technologies, infrastructure, information security, and 3D printing. Light will be shed on the most important experiences that workers need in order to be able to master this field, whether to work in the government sector or the private sector. The international courses and certificates that students will need to be proficient in these technical fields will also be reviewed, such as networking, infrastructure, cloud computing, and security.

Wednesday: Wednesday - Web Day

On this day, we will focus on how to develop electronic portals, starting with databases and designing graphical interfaces and appropriate design for the owner of the site, taking into account the rules of user experience and the use of appropriate technologies and data protection.

Web development technologies, Backend and Frontend, Database design, Hosting, UI/UX, PHP, Oracle APEX, ASP, Drupal, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, etc.

Thursday: Thursday – Talk Day

This day will be dedicated to delivering courses that promote self-building and human development. Seminars will also be held to help develop personal skills.

Soft skills, human development, personal development, etc.

Basic Requirements for Joining:

  • A computer with operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • The participant should have a minimum of technical knowledge.
  • To apply during the period 2 Rajab, 1441 A.H. - 6 Rajab, 1441 A.H.

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