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Teach Me: Voluntary Initiative

- 2019/11/10

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How marvelous it is to give to others...

Giving is one of the most beautiful qualities a person can possess.

True happiness is to give to others and play a supporting role that contributes to the building of community.

Giving comes from this natural force of conscience that exists within each person.

But the biggest task still lies ahead of us; the task of awakening, motivating, and directing the dormant power of giving.

And the ability to make an effort, no matter how simple, in any area.

Adopting this perspective, the "Teach Me" Voluntary Initiative has been designed and launched.

It is a voluntary initiative among the members of the College of Computer Society to enrich the students' experience.

Gestures and acts of generosity and charity through this initiative are purely for Allah's Sake, without any expected reward or possible gain, with no limitation period.

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Take the initiative now!

Make those around you happy with your giving and generosity, and also look for generosity in others.

Join us and apply now!