Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Post Defense Degree Granting Procedures 

- 2018/10/21

Post-Defense Degree Granting Procedures

The post-defense degree granting procedures are as follows:

  1. The Defense Committee Rapporteur shall submit the panel’s Post-Defense Dissertation Report (Form 310) and the individual Dissertation Evaluation Reports (Form 311) to the head of the relevant department. For the forms, please click here!
  2. If the thesis is accepted without amendments or following the completion of the required amendments by the Committee, the student shall:
    1. Submit the final copies of the thesis to King Abdullah University Library bringing with him/her the Submitting Proof Form to be attached with the documents submitted to the department. For the number of copies and submitting procedures, please click here!
    2. Submit two paper copies and a CD of the thesis (In the same manner as to King Abdullah University Library) to the relevant department.
    3. Attach a clear copy of the student’s national ID.
    4. Update his/her data on the “Student Services,” and ensure that the registered name, in both Arabic and English, is as recorded in the passport. 
  3. Following the approval of the Department Council and the College Dean, the reports by the Defense Committee (along with the previously delivered documents mentioned in Paragraph 2) shall be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  4. The Dean of Graduate Studies shall submit the Degree Granting Recommendation to the University Council for decision.
  5. The degree shall be granted according to a resolution by the University Council, based on the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Deanship Council.


With best wishes from UQU Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research!