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- 2021/04/28

Regulations for the Summer Training Course (1442 A.H.)

In the Name of Allah, all praise be to Allah (Exalted and Glorified be He) alone, and peace and blessings be upon the most honorable Prophet and Messenger, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions.

Out of the keenness of the College of Computer and Information Systems on providing students with an opportunity to practice the applied aspect of the field, side by side with academic knowledge, and raising their scientific and practical level, the college has paid attention to the summer training course. Special programs have been prepared for the training, and coordination has been made with the authorities concerned inside and outside the university. It is worth noting that the summer training is one of the prerequisites for college graduation. Thanks to the training, students will be able to hone their talents and acquire additional skills, especially in the applied aspect of their specialties. To properly organize the summer training process, certain regulations and procedures have been established.

Definitions and Objectives of the Summer Training


  1. Summer Training: It is considered one of the basic requirements for graduation from the College of Computer and Information Systems. It includes 3 main streams:
  • Summer Field Training Program.
  • Summer Distance Training Program.
  • Summer Training Program: Monjez Initiative.
  1. Summer and Cooperative Training Department: It is one of the departments of the College of Computer and Information Systems. It handles everything related to the affairs of the summer training course.
  2. Supervisor of Summer and Field Training Department: A member of the academic staff member of the College of Computer and Information Systems in charge of supervising the progress of the summer training process.
  3. Male/Female Student Trainee: One of the college students belonging to the Department of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Systems.
  4. Training Authority: It is the body that undertakes the training of students during the summer period, according to the student’s major, and is approved by the Summer and Field Training Department.
  5. Academic Supervisor: A member of the academic staff of the College of Computer and Information Systems who supervises the trainees.
  6. Field Supervisor: The person responsible for supervising the training of the student at the training authority.
  7. Summer Training Committee: The committee consists of the dean of the college, the vice deans, heads of the departments, and the vice deans in the female section. It is responsible for approving the amendments of the summer training regulations, if some amendments and changes are required.
  8. Deletion of Summer Training: It means removing the student's name from the training lists without taking punitive measures against the student.
  9. Cancellation of Summer Training: It means that the training of the male/female student will not be taken into account, while their names will not be deleted from the training lists, as a result of committing some violations. Some administrative procedures shall be made that affect the mark and grade.


  1. Providing the student an opportunity to learn about the work environment in which he is expected to work after graduation by giving him the opportunity to receive training or complete a practical remote training program.
  2. The ability to relate cognitive skills acquired during the study to problems that arise in the real work environment.
  3. Helping college students acquire new skills.
  4. Learning about the facilities and equipment present on the work sites, and linking this to what has been learned in the college.
  5. Providing students with the opportunity to become acquainted with the various employers through the summer training, to choose the appropriate employers in their field of specialization after graduation and to expand their scientific and practical knowledge.
  6. Giving the college a clear idea of the needs of the labor market and its various requirements, which will reflect positively on the college, whether in terms of developing its curricula or opening new specializations. This is based on the suggestions received by the academic staff members and the academic supervisors for training students.

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