Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality and Evaluation Unit

- 2017/09/19


1- System quality assurance to meet UQU standards

2- Service quality assurance

3- Training and awareness quality assurance

4- Knowledge system quality assurance

  • Evaluation:

1- Continuous evaluation of system users

2- System evaluation:

3- Electronic forms evaluation

Work Procedures:

1- Developing system continuous improvement plans

2- Service quality assurance: Striving to provide optimum services in line with beneficiary's requirments

3- Offering recommendations for system performance improvement

4- Supporting training and awareness plan to ensure quality

5- System user performance quality assurance

6- Knowledge database quality assurance: To ensure the reliability of database information

7- System user evaluation by measuring the following: Tone of speech, beneficiary satisfaction, responsiveness, speed of performance, regular system check, and accuracy

8- System evaluation: Information security, Protection, and Speedy performance

9- Technical supervisor evaluation

10- Electronic forms evaluation: Inclusiveness, brevity, clarity, accessibility, and usability