Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

‘Staying at Home and Recommending Others to Do the Same’ Initiative

- 2020/03/26

Idea of the Initiative

The idea of the initiative coincides with today's reality concerning the spread of the Coronavirus and the importance of staying at home to combat it, thereby reducing direct contact, which is the main cause behind the outbreak of this epidemic.

The university has launched this voluntary initiative to contribute to confronting this epidemic, as follows: Asking volunteers for them to stay at home and persuade and request others to stay at home, all the time, not leaving the home during the coming three weeks until the dangerous stage has passed and new directives from the state in this regard have been received.

Objectives of the Initiative

  1. Contributing to achieving health security in the Saudi Kingdom by adopting possible precautions for the prevention against the disease and reducing its spread as much as possible.
  2. Staying at home and not leaving it except in extreme necessity during the required period.
  3. Volunteering with others, including relatives, neighbors, etc., by urging them to stay at home and not leave it during the required period.
  4. Spreading the culture of safety and health to protect against infectious and epidemic diseases, on a large scale, and to introduce people to a number of important rules in this regard.
  5. Contributing to achieving the safety of our beloved country against this disease, reducing the incidence rate and preventing its spread.

Required Voluntary Work

  1. Staying at home and not leaving it except in extreme necessity during the required period.
  2. Spreading the culture of staying at home during the required period among relatives, neighbors, and colleagues, and convincing them to not leave the home.
  3. Using social media in spreading the culture of staying at home and explaining the dangers of leaving the home, which include spreading infection. This is in addition to avoiding rumors by taking information from only the reliable health sources.
  4. Warning against rumors and explaining their dangers and the importance of referring to the reliable health sources in taking news and the necessary directives.

Mechanisms of Participating in the Initiative

First: Register in the initiative via the form prepared for this purpose on the initiative's website.

Second: Sincerely adhere to the content of the initiative, in words and action.

Third: Print the prepared form for follow-up, or suggesting or preparing a proposed form to fill up during the volunteering period.

Fourth: Provide support, including scientific, technical, social, religious, cultural content, etc., under the title: "The Initiative via Social Media and Whatsapp", and others.

Fifth: Participate in the hashtags proposed on the initiative website.

Sixth: Submit the form for the follow-up report after completing the volunteering period.




Form for Registering in the Initiative


Personal Follow-Up Form for Those Registered in the Initiative (PDF)