Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Accomplishments of the Vice-Presidency

- 2018/07/12

The Vice-Presidency for Academic Development and Community Service achieved a lot of accomplishments, most prominently:

1 Finishing the first phase of the academic accreditation project for the university programs, which is represented in obtaining of all the scientific, engineering, medical and social sciences programs in the University’s branch in Makkah for the international programmatic accreditation. 29 bachelor’s programs obtained the international accreditation.

2 Creating 5 preparation programs for the new faculty members.

3 Training 565 faculty members, employees and students on the strategic planning.

4 Launching the university’s new website in four languages.

5 Holding the Startup Saudi Arabia Forum.

6 Possessing of the Umm Al-Qura University of the highest number of accepted initiatives between the Saudi universities in the framework of the National Transformation Program 2020 by around 9 initiatives.

7 Holding summer training for the outstanding students of Colleges of Engineering, Islamic Architecture, Computer and Information Systems at the Silicon Valley in USA.

8 Writing two strategic plans; the first from 1436 to 1438H and the second from 1439 to 1441H.

9 Training the academic leaderships at the university (Vice Presidents, Deans, Vice Deans and Head of Departments) on the strategic planning.

10 Visiting the university’s colleges and evaluating their situation regarding quality and academic accreditation and their suitability for this.

11 Issuing the academic accreditation handbook.

12 Issuing the strategic planning and implementation booklet.

13 Issuing a periodical bulletin under the title (UQU..  Reality and Facts) in Arabic and English. It includes comprehensive digital informations about the university and it is being updated annually.