Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice President

- 2018/05/19

 Praise be to Allah, Who has taught be pen, and Who has taught man that which he knew not. And peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions.

Given the contemporary challenges posed by the outburst of information, communications and advanced technologies, coinciding with significant economic, cultural and social changes, it has become rather indispensable to embrace a developmental approach, and maintain quality of the education output. With that in mind, our wise government has shown keen interest in developing its academic and professional institutions and units, with a view to improving the educational output, and preparing a generation able to better address the accelerate, unstoppable changes.

In this spirit, Umm al-Qura University (UQU), blessed with the noble knowledge and holy place, has taken upon itself partaking significantly in putting this prudent policy into effect, thereby satisfying the first and foremost aspiration of our government: to serve the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors. Another objective for the Vice-Presidency is to promote the role of UQU in serving the Meccan community in particular, and the Islamic world on the various religious occasions in general.

To that end, UQU has witnessed a considerable momentum in an impressively brief period, in terms of education, research and community service. And right now the university is undergoing a particularly important juncture. Over the past four years, the university has managed to expand both in terms of quantity and quality, by adding a number of colleges, departments and disciplines to the boys and girls sections in Makkah, besides establishing new branches and campuses in al-Jamoum, al-Leith, Adham, and al-Qunfudah. Currently, UQU accommodates about 100.000 students of both genders in all scientific, theoretical, medical and engineering fields, in addition to academic research centers. The university, as represented by its Vice-Presidency for Academic Development and Community Service, has sought to achieve the highest quality criteria, by way of obtaining national and international accreditations for its colleges, departments, and academic programs.

Thanks to the support and guidance of the UQU president, the Vice-Presidency for Academic Development and Community Service has managed to make discernible successes, and witnessed quantum leap. And speaking of the present, the vice-presidency is taking promising strides for obtaining the National Institutional Accreditation, as well as obtaining international accreditations for a number of its academic programs. This will be regarded as the starting point for its promising strategic plan towards obtaining national and\or international accreditations for all UQU academic programs. Furthermore, the Vice-Presidency has embarked on developing an ambitious, rigorous strategic plan through which UQU would be in a better position to complete its technological, educational, and research development. That is to be added to serving the community and building international partnerships and twinning programs.

Vice-President for Academic Development and Community Service

Dr. Hany bin Othman Ghazi