Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Duties and Powers of the Department Head

- 2020/03/09

Duties of the Department Head

Administrative and Financial Affairs:

  1. To head the department, supervise the organization of its affairs, call upon relevant individuals to attend its sessions and implement its decisions, and send the minutes of its sessions to the college dean.
  2. To achieve the goals and policies of the university.
  3. To implement the college council’s decisions relating to the department.
  4. To supervise the preparation of the strategic plan of the department and follow up on its implementation.
  5. To supervise the management of the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial, and cultural affairs.
  6. To supervise the development of the department academically, as well as in terms of administration and research.
  7. To coordinate and develop the department’s relationships both within UQU and outside it.
  8. To supervise the provision of the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial, and cultural needs.
  9. To supervise the enhancement of the quality level and the development of its outputs.
  10. To implement and follow up on the decisions of the college council.
  11. To utilize the powers granted to them by the college dean.
  12. To report to the college dean any issues caused by a faculty member, or any person of equivalent status, who commits violations or fails to carry out their duties.
  13. To submit a report about the situation of postgraduate studies at the department to the college dean and the college vice dean for postgraduate studies at the end of each academic year.

Academic Affairs:

  1. To submit a complete report to the college council on the scientific journey of a scholar, if it is inside the Kingdom and under the supervision of the department, and submit it to the college dean as well.
  2. To supervise the educational process, the implementation of its plans, and the development of its academic programs in the department.
  3. To implement the rules and regulations of quality, evaluation, and academic accreditation.
  4. To supervise the various student activities in the department.
  5. To form a committee to monitor the performance of exams and control the system within the department.
  6. To supervise the academic development process of the department’s programs.
  7. To prepare a comprehensive annual report on the educational process, and the academic, administrative, and research performance, and submit it to the college dean.
  8. To supervise the recruitment of department faculty members.
  9. To recommend a faculty member different from the faculty members teaching the curriculum to prepare the questions of the final exam when needed.

Powers of the Department Head

  1. Recommending that correcting the final exams will be done by a faculty member other than the member who teaches the curriculum, or that one or more specialists will help the faculty member with this.
  2. Approving the transcripts.
  3. Issuing the internal decisions required by the proper functioning of the department in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
  4. Distributing the lectures to the faculty members.
  5. Recommending the payment of tuition allowance to faculty members.
  6. Preparing reports on the performance of faculty members.
  7. Recommending the payment of overtime allowances to the department’s affiliates.
  8. Assigning the overtime work for the department’s affiliates.
  9. Recommending that the department employees attend training courses inside and outside the university.
  10. Coordinating with the Scholarship and Training Committee in following up on the status of the scholarship students and trainees.
  11. Recommending a contract extension of Saudi faculty members after the end of their service.
  12. Recommending contracts with Saudi faculty members after their extension period ends.
  13. Recommending the termination of non-Saudi faculty members’ contracts.