Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Message and Objectives

- 2017/11/20


To prepare a generation of national qualified cadres that meet the labor market needs, and actively contribute to solving the scientific and industrial problems in the face of the development plans in the Kingdom.


  • The graduation of outstanding computer engineers.

The Department Objectives:

It aims at:

  • Providing students with the rudiments of knowledge in the scientific, social and engineering areas.
  • Improving the students’ professional capabilities in  the analytical and creative thinking.
  • Instilling the moral and Islamic values through an educational environment integrated with the engineering and cultural programs.
  • Preparing well qualified engineers to suit the responsibilities that await them at the work sites through a deep understanding of their expected role in implementing the Kingdom's development plans.
  • Adding the touch of practical experience and experimental ways, using computer technologies, drafting technical reports, communication skills, and building the team spirit among students.
  • Focusing on the scientific research and its main role in serving the society and resolving its problems, encouraging both of the faculty members and students on taking this side into account, along with directives and support of potentials, and providing what is needed to achieve that.