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"My Life Is More Precious" Anti-Smoking Event at University Studies Deanship

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- 2017/04/19

Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudi, Dean of the University Studies for Girls, launched the Event titled, "My Life Is More Precious" which aimed to raise awareness against the harmful effects of the various types of smoking. The event, which was held by the University Medical Center, witnessed the attendance of Dr. Thorayya At-Tayeb, Assistant Head of the Center. It was also supervised by Dr. Tahany Al-Jamal, Head of the Health Education Committee, and Dr. Amal Al-Qathamy, Assistant Head of the Department of Public Relations and Media, in cooperation with the Committee against Smoking at the Health Affairs. It should be noted that the event was held at Al-Jawhara Hall in Az-Zaher on Monday, 21st Rajab 1438H and lasted for three days.

Dr. Al-Amoudi toured the corners of the event including the corner about the nature, types and damages of as well as the ways to quit smoking. In addition, awareness pamphlets and manuals were distributed with a comprehensive explanation by the participating female professors at the Health Affairs in Makkah and the Islamic Education Foundation. Besides, gifts were distributed among the female visitors.

On her side, Dr. Al-Amoudi expressed her admiration of the awareness exhibition. She thanked all those involved in the efforts exerted to render such event a success and achieve its objective. Finally, she gave the participants certificates of appreciation for their active participation, wishing that Allah would grant them guidance and success.

It is noteworthy that the promotion of the event included the broadcast of an awareness film on the screens of UQU buildings.