Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

 Dentistry Female Students Visit Al-Amal Center for Day Care

The Community Service Unit at the College of Dental Medicine, Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), paid an awareness visit to Al-Amal Center for Day Care and Skill Development for Persons with Special Needs in Makkah. The visit aimed to fulfill our duty towards persons with special needs, i.e. to provide respect and love for them away from such glares planted in innocent hearts that knew nothing but purity. It cannot be denied that persons with Down syndrome deserve to be cared for as individuals from the community, who are able to learn and interact with other individuals when they have the right conditions. Such conditions do not come as a result of the work of a single party, but are the outcome of a constructive community cooperation in which the efforts of all individuals and governmental and private bodies combine. This will get the community to a state of optimal dealings with persons with Down syndrome to engage in their community without any hindrances.

From this perspective, a group of female dentistry students visited Al-Amal Center for Day Care and Skill Development for Persons with Special Needs in Makkah on Monday, 28th Jumada II 1438H. During their visit, the students were pleased with the tenderness of the female trainers towards the children, which was evident in the way they taught and dealt with them.

Through the visit, children with Down syndrome and other needs were introduced to the right way to brush their teeth, while the teeth of 21 children were examined using fluoride to prevent decay. In addition to that, an awareness lecture on oral care was given, and leaflets about the most significant oral symptoms faced by a (Down) patient and the methods to deal with them were distributed.

The visit was supervised by Dr. Ghaidaa Ba-Dhab’an, Teaching Assistant at the Department of Basic & Clinical Oral Sciences. It was also participated in by Amjad Al-Sharif, Manal Ahmed Bahamam, Hana Hassan Arif, Fatima Abdullah Badghish, Ghaidaa Rajaa Al-Thubaiti, Rehab Emad Radi, Al-Hanuf Abed Al-Sahli, Asayel Abdulrahman Jumaa, Zahra Hilal Al Ashour, Lina Omar Al-Sureihi, Mohammed Ba-Dhab’an, and Somaya Rashid Al-Muhtadi Harsher.