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University Studies Deanship Attends Media Female Students’ Annual Meeting

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Added on - 2017/02/16  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/02/16

The Department of Media at the College of Social Sciences, represented by Dr. In’am bint Ahmad Sho’aiby, the Department’s Assistant Head, held the annual meeting of the Media Department on Wednesday 18th Jumada I 1438H at Al-Jawharah Hall. The event was held for building closer links with the female students and discussing the dilemmas they face, in the presence of the Media Department’s female staff members and affiliates.

The meeting started with a Qur'anic recitation followed by the speech of Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudi, Dean of the University Studies for Girls, which Dr. Ibtisam bint Abdulqadir Istanboli gave on her behalf. The speech included congratulations to the female students on the beginning of the second semester, which was wished from Allah to be distinguished with benevolence, seriousness, perseverance, and constructive cooperation which facilitated the path towards success. The speech pointed out that years passed and nothing remained except the harvest of efforts and the fruit of benevolence.

Then, Dr. Ibtisam Istanboli gave her own speech in which she highlighted the significance of sincere intention to seek knowledge and benevolence in such scientific edifice, which had been distinguished with neighborhood to the Kaaba for worship and closeness to Allah. Moreover, she stressed that sincere intention should include the female students’ acting as good examples in behavior, discourse and cooperation with their own teachers and departments, as well as all administrations at the university.

This was followed by the speech of Dr. In’am bint Ahmad Sho’aiby, the Department’s Assistant Head, in which she noted that the Department held such meeting to continue its journey of benevolence and successive successes. It was also held in order to reinforce communication among the female students. In addition, she noted that it would include the most significant aspects that enabled students to know the systems followed by the Department.

Then, the Department reviewed its organizational structure starting with Dr. Muhammad bin Ali Hindiah (Head of the Media Department), in addition to the Department’s female Vice Dean and administrative affiliates, and ending with the staff members. Moreover, the Department reviewed its vision, mission, future expectations for KSA Vision 2030, and contributions in the development of the media work to meet the challenges of the globalization of media, and to graduate cadres that were able to keep up with the labor market.

The review included the objectives of the Department which involved giving graduates media work skills, such as press, television, radio, and public relations, promoting the significance of media work, keeping up with the continuous development in the ongoing media technologies’ teaching techniques, and meeting the needs of the labor market.

In the same context, the review included the Department’s subject of specialization, conditions, and required papers. This was thoroughly explained by Dr. Iman Fathi. Finally, queries of students were responded to.