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Umm Al-Qura University

Over 198 Thousand Beneficiaries Registered by the Deanship of Student Affairs for the Academic Year 1439–1440 A.H.

- 2020/01/29

According to assessments pertaining to the academic year 1439–1440 A.H., nearly 198 thousand beneficiaries have been recorded by the Deanship of Student Affairs at Umm Al-Qura University. This number is based on the final report listing the work and achievements of the deanship, which the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Omar Sunbul, submitted today to His Excellency the UQU President, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, at the president's office in Al-Abdiyyah.

The report outlined the achievements and activities of the vice deanships and their various departments, and the overall statistics for the total number of individuals who have availed themselves of the programs implemented by the student clubs and the different units throughout the year, who are estimated at more than 198,000 beneficiaries. The report also reviewed the lists of scholarships for non-Saudi students who regularly attend and study at the university, whose number is approximately 2,985 students. It highlighted the fact that the number of students who received student allowances increased at a rate of 3,926 beneficiaries compared to last year, reaching 65,528 beneficiaries.

During the past academic year, the deanship recorded seven events that included the following: the Newcomers Forum, the National Day Celebration, the Honoring Ceremony for the Volunteering Students, the Tenth Scientific Symposium, the UQU Role Model Contest, the Annual Graduation Ceremony, and the activities held for the completion of the deanship’s work and programs. The number of beneficiaries exceeded 29 thousand beneficiaries, in which 200 employees and 857 volunteers participated.

Moreover, the UQU President reviewed the final report and media archiving of the 1441 A.H. Newcomers Forum, the ‘Cultures of Peoples’ Festival, and the participation of Umm Al-Qura University scouts in the 1440 A.H. Hajj season. He then expressed his appreciation for the efforts undertaken by the deanship and its employees in serving and caring for the university students and enhancing their skills to build young leaders who have all the required qualities and skills to support the educational process, in order to keep pace with updates in the labor market requirements.

Finally, Dr. Sunbul stressed the role that the deanship plays in identifying outstanding talents among the male and female students, and developing their skills and capabilities in collaborative partnership with experts, specialists and various training centers that are interested in enhancing the educational, psychological, and social features of students. This is in addition to developing and improving student services and activities by creating an integrated and renewable information database on the needs and wants of university students, along with measuring their level of satisfaction with the programs being provided.