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University Studies Deanship Attends the Visit of Baharah Secondary School Students to the UQU

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- 2016/12/29

On behalf of the University Studies Dean, Dr Hala bint Said A;a’amudi, Dr. Sheikhah bint Saud A’ashur, the Deanship vice dean for the Educational Affairs and Development, attended the meeting organized by the female section Chemistry Department affiliated to the Applied Sciences College for hosting the students of the Girls Baharah Secondary School, on Tuesday, December 27th, 2016, at the Khukair Hall. In her reception were Dr. Rajaa bint Tahar Maatouq, the Applied Sciences College vice dean, the College’s deputy heads and faculty members.

They were received with a welcome speech, followed by reciting verses out of the holy Quran. Then on behalf of Dr. Hala Ala’amudi, Dr. Sheikah delivered a speech in which she lauded the Applied Science College for its efforts exerted in organizing such a meeting. She also urged the students to get acquainted with the UQU departments and colleges to determine their future tendencies. She further shone light on the importance of the scientific departments in particular at the Applied Sciences College, and encouraged them to keep track of their education to benefit them in the future.

After that, the College’s vice dean, Dr. Rajaa bint Tahar Maatouq, delivered her speech, followed by a visual presentation providing a window to the College’s departments. Then Dr. Suraya Farghali, faculty member at the Chemistry Department, gave a lecture titled “Chemistry and Life). Next, Dr. Marwah Alghalban lectured about the safety precautions observed in the laboratories and when tackling the chemical substances and compounds. The show drew to a close with a segment titled “Humorous Chemistry” which gave a form of festive atmosphere.    

ثم تجولت الطالبات مع منسوبات الكلية بين مرافق الجامعة، وتوجهن إلى عمادة القبول والتسجيل، وتعرفن على إجراءات القبول بالجامعة، وانتهت الجولة بمعامل الكيمياء لإعطاء الطالبات الفرصة لإجراء تجارب للمستخلصات الكيميائية وكيفية صناعتها. وقدمت الكلية هدايا عينية للطالبات اللاتي عبرن عن سرورهن بذلك.

Later, the students, together with the College’s staff, toured through the facilities of the University. They visited the Admission and Enrollment Deanship and familiarized with the procedures of admission at the University. The tour ended with a visit to the chemistry laboratories to give the students an opportunity to do experiments on chemical abstracts and how they are manufactured.  The College also presented presents to the students who were pleased with such a gesture.