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Launch of the Website of the Postgraduate Studies Unit (Aali)

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Added on - 2019/07/28  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/07/28

The website of the Postgraduate Studies Unit (Aali) has been launched in cooperation with the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies, the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies, and the colleges offering the postgraduate programs. This unit aims at providing special paid postgraduate programs that contribute to the development of knowledge production and the enhancement of the different fields of scientific research. Various programs are offered in order to fulfill the needs of the beneficiaries and the labor market in a manner that is in line with contemporary trends.

Through its vision, the Postgraduate Studies Unit (Aali) seeks to offer postgraduate programs with international standards that suit the local environment.

This unit's mission is manifested in the provision of postgraduate studies with a modern concept.

The Postgraduate Studies Unit (Aali) includes eight specializations for more than eighty quality programs in different fields: Shari`ah, Judicial Studies and Regulations, Languages and Human Knowledge, Education, Islamic Economics and Business Administration, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science, and Health.

To visit the website of the Postgraduate Studies Unit (Aali), please click here.