Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Dean of University Studies for Girls Attends Scholarship Contracts Signing Ceremony

Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi, the Dean of the University Studies for Girls, attended the Scholarship Contracts Signing Ceremony that was organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research on Monday 7th Safar 1438H at the King Adulaziz Hall, Abediyah Campus. The ceremony was broadcasted via the television circuit of Al-Jawharah Hall, Al-Zahir Headquarters for Girls.

The event started with a breathtaking Qur'anic recitation followed by a statistic presentation by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ahdal, the Dean for Scientific Research, about scholarship programs in their first session. The presentation also included the requirements and controls of scientific research selections and their phases according to the Deanship.  

After the presentation, Dr. Hnady bint Muhammad Buhairi, the Vice-Dean for Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation, gave a speech in which she confirmed the concentration by the Deanship of Scientific Research on the quality of research projects' examination, judgment and comparison. In addition, she noted that the Deanship was keen to select the jury that would assess the research projects delivered to it from among 60 external universities that represented 20 countries all over the world.

The next session in the ceremony was marked with a speech by Dr. Hala Al-Amoudi, the Dean of the University Studies for Girls, about the significance of scientific research in human life. She explained that scientific research was the fundamental factor in raising the intellectual, cultural and scientific levels of human beings. Through scientific research, she added, only humans among all other creatures deserve the competence to be the vicegerent of God on earth. She added also that no one disagreed on the significance of scientific research in universities, as it was one of their three fundamental pillars (Education, Scientific Research and Community Service). Moreover, she made clear that the researches by any university reflected its scientific position, power and rank among other universities. In other words, this meeting was an important step and an achievement that marked Umm Al-Qura University's research pursuit of local and global distinction, and a landmark in its road to achieve the objective of KSA Vision 2030. Dr. Al-Amoudi attributed such an accomplishment to nothing but Allah's guidance in the first place, then to the generous sponsorship and wisdom of the Government, the support by the Minister of Education, the attention and care by UQU President, in addition to the combined efforts by the Scientific Research Deanship officials and the members of researcher staff. In the same context, Dr. Al-Amoudi invoked Allah that He would grant guidance and rightness to all the exerted efforts for the sake of UQU promotion.  

This was followed by a speech given by Dr. Hnady Katouaah, the Vice-President for Applied Sciences Center, the Deanship of Scientific Research. Then Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi, the Dean of the University Studies for Girls, signed the scholarship contracts with, and honored, the female researchers.