Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Joint First Year Vice Deanship for the Female Section at Al-Abdiyyah Organizes Meaningful Events and Activities

Under the noble patronage of the Dean of the Joint First Year, Dr. Sa`d bin Sa`id Al-Ghamdi, and the supervision of Her Excellency the Vice Dean of the Medical Stream (Female Section) at Al-Abdiyyah, Dr. Azzah bint Muhammad Bannunah, the Medical Stream of the Joint First Year's Vice Deanship (female section) organized various events and activities aimed at motivating students and encouraging them to achieve academic excellence, and to practice sports to achieve the following maxim: "A Sound Mind Lives in a Sound Body."

In an event entitled "Story of Success," the distinguished students of the deanship, namely: Asil Sirbaya, Rafal Abu Mansur, and Arin Al-Bushra, presented an interesting and inspiring talk about the most important factors affecting success, the most important turning points in their lives, the importance of perseverance, and ways of achieving excellence. They concluded their inspirational talk by urging students to take advantage of learning opportunities and practice in all fields to gain knowledge and experience.

The Joint First Year Vice Deanship's Club for the medical stream at the female section at Al-Abdiyyah, in cooperation with the Diet Time Club, organized a recreational health awareness program. The female students participated in a marathon in the headquarters, in which student Salha Baroum won first place, student Taif Al-Harbi ranked second, and student Lamyaa Zamzami ranked third.

At the end of the program, the club provided several health instructions, physical exercises, and healthy meals to help students enjoy a healthy body.