Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Joint First Year Vice Deanship for the Female Section at Al-Shishah Organizes Useful Events and Activities

Under the kind patronage of His Excellency the Dean of Joint First Year Deanship, Dr. Sa`d bin Sa`id Al-Ghamdi, and under the supervision of Her Excellency the Vice Dean of the Medical and Administrative Streams (female section), Dr. Haifaa bint Hussain Hijazi, the female section at Al-Shishah campus organized a variety of events and activities to provide students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve success in their academic and practical lives, in a fun atmosphere, as they prepare for their mid-term exams.

During an educational event about obesity prevention organized by Division 608 under the supervision of Ms. Ala' Al-Khataibah, the students were divided into several groups. One group defined obesity, its causes, methods of prevention, and how to treat it by having healthy habits and eating healthy foods. Another group compared different types of foods and discussed the number of calories in different food and drink, as well as the amount of fats and sugars. A third group defined a variety of healthy foods, the number of calories they contain, and their beneficial nutritional components.

This event included the distribution of awareness leaflets to the audience. The height and weight of audience members was also measured. Then the weights were calculated to determine whether each person's weight was ideal for their height and age, or less or greater than the ideal, and how to treat each case with a healthy diet.

"Doses of Life" was the title of another event organized by the female students of the campus under the supervision of Ms. Masha`il Al-Utaibi. The event took place in partnership with the students of Al-Fadl Community School and the 12th Secondary School (curriculums). The event aimed at helping the female students overcome negative emotions by describing and discussing them with other female students, and then providing suggestions to help them overcome their negative feelings. They also cited stories of some prophets and how they effectively dealt with difficult feelings and situations in their lives, which could impact negatively on the soul.

At the end of the event, awards and awareness-raising pamphlets were distributed to the students, in addition to recording their participation within a frame congruent with the content and attractive at the same time.

In a related vein, and on the occasion of the World Day of Handwritten Letters, Ms. Masha`il Al-Utaibi inaugurated an interactive board entitled "Happiness Mail," to promote a spirit of positivity among the students and bring joy to them. This interactive activity allowed the students to participate with inspiring morning expressions and to create happy moments of positive influence on everyone who took part, transforming their positive emotions into motivational words. The supervisor of the activity extended her thanks and appreciation to the students for their motivational words.