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A Welcome Meeting Is Organized for the Fresh Students at the Pharmacology College

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- 2017/02/15

The Student Club has organized a welcoming meeting for the fresh students at the Umm Al-Qura University Pharmacology College. The meeting is a tradition adopted by the Student Club, and it aims at inviting the fresh students to know about it and to familiarize with its accomplishments and how to join. It also develops the students’ skill through its activities.

The meeting featured a variety of episodes about the Club. Present at the meeting was Dr. Ahmed Bablghit, the Pharmacology College dean, who gave a welcoming speech for the fresh students and urged them to excel in their study.

The female division Student club team presented an orientation about the club by its Supervisor, Dr. Shaimaa Mahmoud. The orientation witnessed a speech about the Club and its units, its activities for the female students and how to boost its different activities.

Among the attendance was the Academic Affairs Vice Dean, Dr. Mohammed Zakaria who enlightened the fresh students about their rights and means of solving their problems by the Vice Presidency.

Similarly, Dr. Ahmed Goudah of the Quality Unit and the College’s Media Unit Coordinator touched upon ways of benefitting from the e-learning system, highlighting the effective communication between the subject lecturer and the student via the e-learning.

The meeting concluded with a student competition in which cash and kind prizes were distributed to the fresh students for encouraging them to excel at the College.