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The Closing Ceremony of the 'My University is Part of the Holy Land' Campaign

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Added on - 2018/11/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/11/22

In honor of Dr. Samira bint Ahmad Al-Abdaly Al-Fify, the Vice Dean of University Studies at Al-Mansour Campus, in the presence of Dr. Amal bint Omar Sanady, Vice Dean of Student Affairs for Direction, Guidance, and Community Partnership, the "My University is Part of the Holy Land" campaign has been launched on Thursday 30 Safar, 1440 A.H. under the slogan, "The Whole of Makkah is Sacred," The launch took place under the supervision of Ms. Nouf bint Husayn Eliwah and Ms. Fadia bint Muhammad Al-Balwi, with the participation of the staff and students of the College of Design and the Community College, and in the presence of Ms. Manal Al-Jabri, the Director of the Hajar Association for the Glorification of the Holy Land project, and a group of vice deans, department heads, and students from the two colleges.

The program had a variety of activities, such as workshops, visual presentations, fashion shows, and lectures, as well as distinguished elements that carried many meanings and connotations in relation to the glorification of the Sacred Land.

The ceremony started with a Qur'anic recitation, followed by a speech delivered by the Vice Dean of University Studies at Al-Mansour Campus, Dr. Samira bint Ahmad Al-Abdaly Al-Fify. She talked about the honor of living next to the Sacred House and how Allah made it a place of safety for all mankind, and a place of purity. The event was designed to introduce the concept of the Haram (sanctuary), and its vast area, as well as raise awareness of the fact that the lands of the Haram are all sacred and that good deeds are multiplied in the Haram, just as a prayer in Al-Masjid Al-Haram (at Makkah) is equal to a hundred thousand prayers elsewhere.

Dr. Amal bint Omar Sanady then gave a speech, followed by a visual presentation of all the initiatives made during the campaign period, presented by Dr. Mona Balkhidr, the Director of Public Relations and Media at Al-Mansour campus. Then an educational lecture was given by Her Excellency Dr. Hind Arba`in, under the title of "The Dress of the Makkan Woman between Originality and Modesty." This was followed by a fashion show about the clothing of Makkah, modeled by students from the Department of Fashion Design under the supervision of Dr. Iftikar bint Hamid Manshi. Then some songs were sung about Makkah, the most beloved city, to which Muslim hearts are attached. Then there an acting sketch about "The Impact of the Land of Makkah" presented by Ms. Dinah Al-Hassani, Director of the Unit of Utilities and Services.

This was followed by the announcement of the results of the various competitions between female students presented by the ceremony moderators, Ms. Nouf Eliwah and Ms. Fadia Al-Balwi, after which gifts were distributed to the winners.

The attendees then toured the exhibition hall in the student activity hall at the campus to view training workshops (hand embroideries) by Dr. Hira Al-Zahrani, and a workshop on "Bookmarks" by Dr. Najwa Abdul-Hamid. They also visited the lighting exhibitions prepared by the campaign coordinators in the student activity hall.

Then the Vice Dean of University Studies at Al-Mansour campus, Dr. Samira Al-Fify, extended her thanks to the College of Design and the Community College for their great efforts in making the campaign so successful. Her Excellency also thanked the campaign moderators, Ms. Nouf Eliwah and Ms. Fadia Al-Balwi, for their successful efforts in the campaign.

Her Excellency thanked the Hajar Association for organizing this event at the university level, as the university is keen to hold such events.