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(Be Happy!), Open Meeting by Community College 

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- 2018/10/22

The Community College in Makkah held an open meeting entitled, “Be Happy!” with its dean, Dr. Esam Bazaraah. This was in the presence of Dr. Abdulmoeen Abdullah (Vice Dean of the College), Dr. Emad Shafeiy (Vice Dean of the College for Development and Quality), in addition to the College’s department heads and staff members. During the meeting, Dr. Bazaraah discussed with the students some points and strategies that they could apply in their scientific, practical and social life in order to be happy and the ways to achieve happiness within the corridors of their university.

The Dean then added by explaining the significance of balance in all matters of life, gradual success and prioritization. Afterwards, he spoke about the reasons and requirements for employment after graduation. In addition, he mentioned the development of new units at the College that served students and upgraded the level of academic performance, which helped the College develop and improve and simultaneously ensured output quality. For example, he talked about the Units of Professional Guidance and Training. He said that such units contributed to students’ enhancement of skills, scientific and personal development, as well as performance quality in a way that ensured speedy employment. In this regard, the Dean also mentioned the Units of Education Resources, E-Learning, Research and Studies, Planning and Projects, and Statistics and Information.

In the same context, Dr. Bazaraah noted that a Student Council was established with the aim of opening a direct channel between students and college leaders to participate in decision-making.

Dr. Bazaraah also promised to establish a gym, a hall for scientific activities and innovation, as well as a meeting room within the College. He pointed out, “Dear student, (Your own happiness) is definitely (ours).”

On the other hand, the Dean listened to the students’ questions and queries in different topics. Moreover, the meeting ended in an atmosphere of friendliness and love, with a promise to launch the "Be Happy" campaign, which contained programs and activities that conveyed happiness to students and contributed to the creation of a positive and active atmosphere.

At the end of the meeting, and in a wonderful family atmosphere, students took photographs with the College’s Dean, Vice Deans, Department Heads and Staff Members.