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Induction Meeting: Building Content on E-Learning Portal

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- 2018/09/20

With the follow-up of Dr. Ahmad Hamid, Vice Dean for Technical Affairs, and within the framework of the partnership programs between the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education and the College of Community Service and Continuing Education, an introductory meeting about Building and Uploading Content on the E-Learning Portal was held in the morning of Thursday, 20th September (10th Muharram 1440H). The meeting was presented by Dr. Al-Asaad Al-Sumeirany, Assistant Professor at the Deanship, and supervised by Dr. Muhammad Shokry Al-Zamzamy, Vice Dean of the College.  

During the meeting, the significance of using the e-learning system was discussed. In addition, the meeting demonstrated a detailed explanation of how to upload files of various types and organize them in the content tool of the E-Learning Portal provided by Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) for the benefit of students and instructors. It is worth mentioning that the meeting was attended by Dr. Abdullah Moussa Al-Kauthairy (Supervisor at the College of Da’wah (Islamic Call) and Fundamentals of Religion), Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Samman (Supervisor at the College of Islamic Economics and Finance), Dr. Taha Khawajy (Supervisor at the University College in Al-Qunfudha), Dr. Abdulbaset Jaber Mudkhaly (Supervisor at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies), Prof. Ali Abdullah Al-Zahrany (Supervisor at the College of Arabic Language), as well as Prof. Ahmad Muhammad Al-Qurny (Deputy Supervisor for Registration Affairs).   

In the same context, Dr. Khalid Al-Mutairy (Dean of E-Learning and Distance Education) and Dr. Khalid Barqawy (Dean of the College of Community Service and Continuing Education) stated that they intend to render the partnership agreement between the two institutions successful within the framework of achieving the objectives set out in the Saudi Vision 2030.