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Umm Al-Qura University

Girls Section Participates in Introductory Meeting of Graduate Studies Students

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- 2018/09/10

The Girls Section of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Distance Education has participated in the events of the introductory forum held for graduate studies students by the Deanship at Al-Zahir Campus on Monday 30 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1439AH (corresponding with 10 September 2018). The event was inaugurated by the President of the University, Dr. Abdullah Omar Bafail, through video conference. The Deanship's pavilion witnessed great demand by a large number of students studying for their Master's and PhD degrees to learn about its content. An iPad was allocated for browsing the e-learning system and discovering its tools. An electronic option was designed as an application experience for the visitors, and the QR Code technology was used to access the student’s guide.

Ms. Wafaa Al-Ghamdi made an introductory presentation that included the most important services of the Deanship as well as the importance of e-education and its benefits. It also highlighted the difference between traditional and electronic education. It also pointed out the benefits of using the e-portal for education and its most important content, in addition to a detailed explanation of the most important tools provided by the portal.