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About the Mobile Learning  Infographic 

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- 2018/05/22

The Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education organized an internal training course for its affiliates on Tuesday Ramadan 6, 1439 H corresponding to May 22, 2018, about the Mobile Learning Infographic. The course was presented by Eng. Ashraf Abul-Khaliq from the Digital Production Department, males section at the headquarters of the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education in Abdyia and via the closed TV circuit at the female's section in Al-Zahir. The course was supervised from males section by the Vice Dean of e-Learning and Distance Education for Academic Development and Community Service  Dr. Yassir Al-Hazmi and the Vice Dean for Technical Affairs Dr. Ahmed Hameed and from the female's section by the Deanship Vice Dean Dr. Hanaa Yamani.    


At the beginning of his presentation, Eng. Ashraf Abul-Khaliq gave an introduction about the infographic and examples of its usages. He also introduced motion and referred to the difference between the fixed Infographic which is only short informative graphics and the mobile infographic which is relevant to moving graphics with sound effects. He said it's preferable for the motion videos to last for one or two minutes and to be used for ads and mobile applications graphics, e-games, and other fields.   


After that, he presented all types of motions saying that motion production includes three phases as the following; pre-production, the production which includes scenario writing and preparing scripts, audio, and the animation process. He then shed light on the basics of motion graphics. 


In the practical side, he reviewed Goanimate website which is currently known as Vyond. The website was used to explain motion graphic. 


It should be mentioned here that at the beginning of the meeting, the affiliates of the deanship who contributed to achieving the training program during the last academic year and contributed also to the success of the Research and Quality Department programs,  were honored.