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Girls Section Organizes 3rd Webinar on Cloud Storage

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- 2018/04/29

In the framework of its diverse initiatives that target female students and faculty members, and within the program of #OneHourTech; the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education’s Girls Section hosted the third webinar that was about cloud storage, and was given by Prof. Saitha Al-Otaibi, on Wednesday, 9 Sha'ban 1439 AH- 25 April 2018- through the virtual classes, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The trainer introduced the definition of cloud storage and how to make use of it. She also explained to the female participants how to access to files from anywhere and at any time after storing them; in addition to how to share these files with others in order to increase the productivity and achieve professional harmony among the team members.

Moreover, Prof. Al-Otaibi brought up the difference between cloud storage and storage devices through her detailed explanation of Google Drive and its applications as an example of cloud storage.