Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Saudi Universities’ TAs and Instructors Nominated for Postgraduate Studies Programs

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies is pleased to announce the applications’ numbers of Saudi universities’ TAs and instructors that are nominated for the postgraduate studies programs for the academic year 1439-1440 AH.

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Important instructions:

To finalize the initial admission process, coming to the Deanship of Postgraduates Studies (the headquarters in Al-Abidyah for male students, and in Al-Zaher for female students) is a condition in order to make sure that the documents are conformed, and all the conditions stipulated and announced during the application period are met.


This process starts as of Sunday 4/5/1439 AH (corresponding to 21/1/2018) to Thursday 15/5/1439 AH (corresponding to 1/2/2018)

According to the dates in the following table:

Colleges’ Programs



  • Shari’ah
  • Applied Sciences
  • Computers & Information Systems
  • Arabic Language

From Sunday 4/5/1439 AH


Tuesday 6/5/1439 AH


9 am- 12 pm

  • Education
  •  Islamic Economics & Finance
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration

From Wednesday

7/5/1439 AH


Sunday 11/5/1439 AH


9 am- 12 pm

  • Dawa “Islamic Call” and Fundamentals of Religion
  •  Social Sciences
  • Judicial Studies

From Monday 12/5/1439


Wednesday 14/5/1439

9 am- 12 pm

All colleges

Thursday 15/5/1439

9 am- 12 pm

Documents required when coming to conform the candidates’ papers:


1- Original and facsimile of the qualification (BA certificate for MA applicants, and MA certificate for PhD applicants).

2- Original and facsimile of the transcript.

3- Original and facsimile of the National ID.

4- Letter of introduction from the affiliated university

5- Acceptance statement from UQU’s department of internal scholarships

6- Original of the English learning certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, or the English Aptitude Certificate), as well as the

7- University Aptitude Certificate, as required by each relevant college and program.



Conditions no. 6 & 7 are relating to the Colleges of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Islamic Architecture, Computers & Information Systems, Education “PhD”.

The staff of UQU’s Deanship wishes success and good luck for all in the completion of their higher studies.