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First Meeting of the Ninth Scientific Forum for Female Students of Preparatory Year's Scientific and Administrative Streams 

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- 2017/12/06

Under sponsorship of the Dean of Preparatory Year Dr. Saad bin Saeed Al-Ghamdi and Under Supervision of the Vice Dean for Administrative and Scientific Streams at Al-Shisha Prof. Aliaa bint Abdullah Al-Jundi, the Programs and Activities Unit in the Deanship organized the first meeting of the ninth Scientific Forum  for the female students of the preparatory year's scientific and administrative streams. 


The meeting discussed the forum's objectives, themes and tracks including; scientific research, innovation, community service, art Works, and diction. At the end of the meeting, participation conditions were explained. 


It's worth mentioning here that the meeting witnessed large participation of  female students in such manner which help in stimulating  them to participate in the 9th scientific forum for students of Umm Al-Qura university.