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Deanship of University Studies Concludes (My Care Is the Secret of My Health and Beauty) Campaign

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- 2017/11/23

The Deanship of University Studies for Girls concluded "My Care Is the Secret of My Health and Beauty" Campaign, which was organized by the Health Education Committee at the University Medical Center of the Girls Campus and supervised by Dr. Tahani bin Rashad Al-Jamal, the Assistant General Manager of University Medical Center for Technical Affairs. The event was held on Wednesday, Rabi' I 4, 1439H, with the cooperation of the Department of Chronic Diseases and doctors from Heraa Hospital. The campaign activated the vital tests for measuring blood sugar rate, blood pressure, weight and height, and the body mass index for the students and affiliates of Umm Al-Qura University. The event witnessed the participation of SADAFCO Company, which distributed free samples of milk to promote the importance of the balanced healthy nutrition for humans.

The campaign raised the awareness about chronic diseases and how to prevent them by presenting educational and prevention sides, in addition to showing the disadvantages of obesity and chronic diseases through medical posters and leaflets presented by the campaign's team from the awareness committees at the medical centers in Al Kakiyyah neighborhood, Prince Ahmed Block, and Jamoum and Jabal Al-Nour.