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 Events Center Resumes Supervisory Committee's (3rd) Profession Day Meetings

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- 2017/10/09

Along with the members of the Profession Day Supreme Supervisory Committee, Dr. Hisham bin Abdurrahman Maghrabi (Supervisor-General of Events Center) resumed attendance of the (Third) Profession Day meetings. The event has been headed by Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazi, UQU Vice-President for Development and Entrepreneurship. Moreover, it was attended by Dr. Yaser bin Sulaiman Shosho (UQU Vice-President) and Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudi (Dean of the University Studies for Girls). It is worth mentioning that the meeting was held at the meeting room, the Aziziyah-based UQU premises. The Profession Day event has been organized for UQU graduates of the academic years 1437/1438 H and 1438/1439 H and the summer course.  

During the meeting, Dr. Hisham Maghrabi gave a detailed visual presentation on what would be presented to UQU President. In other words, the presentation included the details of the Profession Day which had been determined to be held during the second semester of the academic year 1438/1439H. In addition, the terms and agenda of the Profession Day, as well as the budget of the meeting were discussed.

In this context, Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazi confirmed that Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, UQU President, expressed his keenness in presenting the meeting in accordance with the scientific status of UQU and the international standards.