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The Dean of the Female Universities Studies Opens “My Will Materialized My Wishes” Exhibit

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Added on - 2016/05/05  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/05/05

The Dean of the Female University Studies, Prof. Hala bint Said Ala’amudi opened the exhibit organized on the sidelines of “My will materialized my wishes” event. The Vice-deanship of Students’ Affairs for Activities and Training (Health Club), represented by Prof. Fatma bint Abdullah Ala’aydarus, supervised it in cooperation with the Narcotics Combat Department in the Holy City. The exhibit took place at Aljawhra Auditorium in Zahr, and it is to last for two days.


Still, the Director of General Directorate of the Narcotics Combat Department in the Holy City, Brigadier General Nasser ibn Abdullah Alhmyani pointed put out that the goal of organizing the exhibit is to raise awareness about the dangers of doing drugs and ways of its combat. He also noted that the exhibit comes as a part of the events, programs and activities the Directorate of Narcotics Combat hold in continuation of the joint coordination and cooperation with the government sectors.


Similarly, the Director of the Preventive Awareness Division of the General Directorate of Narcotics Combat, Mr. Farid Gameel Almaiman made clear that the exhibit provides a window to the efforts of the Department in combating such a scourge. He also drew attention to the harm drugs cause to the health through visual and readable displays and some awareness brochures.


The event further featured a seminar titled “My Precious Life”. Ms. Abeer bint Nasser Alharisi, the director of the Narcotics Combat Female Affairs Department presented it.



For her part, the Dean of the College, Prof. Hala Ala’amudi extended her thanks to the General Directorate for Narcotics Combat in the Holy City for its cooperation with the Deanship of Students’ Affairs for Activities and Training. She went on to laud the support and directives given by the President of the University, Prof. Bakri ibn Ma’atuq A’assas. She also went on to add that Prof. Bakri is interested in organizing these exhibits and scientific symposiums which benefit the society in general and University students and staff in particular.