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Dean for University Studies for Female Students Auspices Student graduation Party

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- 2016/05/02

Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi, Dean of University Studies for Female Students sponsored the graduation ceremony of the 43rd class of female students for the academic year 1436/1437 H, who hold PhD, MA, B.Sc., Higher Diploma, Diploma of Community Service, Continued Education, Community Diploma and graduates of the Arabic Institution for non-Arabic Speakers, on Saturday 23/07/1437 H at King Saud Hall – God rest his soul – at the Abedia campus.

The ceremony started with the Royal Anthem, then the rally began by carrying the Saudi flag, then UQU flag and the processions of graduates started from the different faculties.

The ceremony started with recitation of verses from the Quran, then Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi, Dean of University Studies for Female Students gave a speech in which she stated that universities are considered a tributary of science and education and that UQU has an edge over other universities, that Allah singled it out and gave it an honorable venue and an honorable objective. Studying at UQU and graduating from it is not like any other university; that’s why our female graduates are considered outstanding national cadres.

She stated that the slogan of this year’s ceremony “Peaceful Salman” show our pride in our nation and our leadership, which played the greatest role in establishing the basics of peace on the Arab, Islamic and international levels and that we hope that this slogan remains inscribed in the hearts of our graduates, to guide their future accomplishments to serve our religion and our nation.

She then congratulated the students and their mothers and commended the fruits they harvested for their efforts. She also congratulated our nation for the graduation of these bright young ladies whom the university considers them sponsors of the future march of progress.

Dr. Hala expressed her thanks to our wise government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz – May Allah keep him – that gave education the utmost care and interest, due to its great faith in the important role education plays in the comprehensive development of the community. She also expressed her thanks to HE Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Eissa and HE UQU President Dr. Bakri Bin Maatouq Assas for his dedication to serving this major scientific edifice. She also thanked UQU Vice-President, Vice-President of Educational Affairs, Admission and Registration Dean for their ultimate support and to all those who participate in organizing committees and the executive team that exerted time and efforts to make this ceremony a success, asking Allah to bestow His blessings and goodness on all.

This was followed by announcing the general results, by Admission and Registration Vice-Dean Dr. Kholoud bint Saad Al-Yusuf, as the total number of graduates amounted to 8213, then student Arwa bint Abdul Baset Al-Malibari gave the students’ speech on their behalf.

After that, the graduates with honors had the pleasure of shaking hands with Dr. Hala Al-Amoudi, Dean of University Studies for Female Students and received decorations of excellence. This was followed by Peaceful Salman operetta that was admired by all. The ceremony was finalized by honoring the sponsor of the ceremony Dr. Hala Al-Amoudi, Dean for University Studies for Female Students by presenting to her a souvenir gift.