Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Condolences and Solace 

Dean and affiliates of College of Dentistry extend their deepest condolences and solace to:
-  The  associate professor and the ex-dean Dr. Mohamed Al-Beyari
-  The Associate Professor Dr. Hanadi bint Ahmed Lamfoun
-  Teaching Assistant on Scholarship abroad Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Lamfoun

On the passing away of Sheikh Ahmed bin Fathullah Lamfoun

Who died yesterday Friday Ramadan 14, 1438 H. Funeral prayers were performed at the Grand Mosques and the deceased was buried in Al-Malla Cemetery.

The decaed family will start receiving condolences on Saturday in their house located  at Al-Azizia district-Al-Qalam street behind Hiraa restaurant.

We pray Allah the almighty to have mercy upon the deceased and make the paradise his final abode .
"Surely to Allah we belong, and to him we shall Return"