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Dean of University Studies Participates in the Launching Ceremony of Ataa Initiative

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- 2017/05/16

The Dean of University Studies Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi participated in the launching ceremony of “Ataa Initiative” for research volunteering and volunteering researches (Third Stage) on Monday 19\08\1438 A.H. at King Abdulaziz Hall in Al-Abdiyah Campus. The ceremony was live-streamed through Al-Jawharah Hall’s CCTV of the Female Students Campus at Az-Zahir, in the presence of Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs Dr. Sheikha bint Saud Ashour and Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Faryda Al Ghamedy. They were received by the Vice-Dean of of Scientific Research, Dr. Hanadi Mohamed Behairy, the Vice-Dean of the College of Education Dr. Sumayyah bint Ezzat Al Sharaf, as well as a group of Vice-Deans, heads of departments and faculty members.

The event was commenced with reciting some verses of the Holy Qur'an. Then, the Dean of Scientific Research Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ghalib Ibrahim Al-Ahdal addressed the audience saying: “The Deanship of Scientific Research is proud to take the lead in supporting volunteering researches via internal and external scholarships, beside encouraging their continuation and organization.” Added Dr. Al-Ahdal.

Then, the founder of “Ataa Initiative” and Wadi Makkah’s CEO Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf stated: “The interest in fostering the culture of volunteering signifies the progress of societies, as well as their civic and mindful cohesion. When voluntary work is coupled with scientific research, we have at hand an indicator of the society’s knowledge formation.”

After that, Dean of University Studies Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi applauded launching such constructive initiative, which is designed to promote the culture of knowledge volunteering across higher education institutions. This is indeed a serious step to enhance scientific research, and trigger incentives that sustain research volunteering.

Then the Vice-Dean of College of Education, Dr. Sumeya bint Ezat Sharaf reviewed the outcomes of the third stage of “Ataa Initiative”, and its key themes designed to raise awareness on the culture of volunteering within a balanced methodology, while strengthening the role internal and external partnerships within an integrated system that makes UQU a key research reference in the field of knowledge research volunteering.

On behalf of UQU President Dr. Bakri Bin M'atoog Bin Bakri Assas, UQU Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Thamer bin Hamdan Al-Harby highlighted the importance of voluntary work considering it the best investment to overcome challenges of scientific development; in order to increase the number of volunteers.

In conclusion, Dr. Hala Al-Amoudi and Dr. Hanadi Behairy honored the Third Stage’s volunteers, pioneers, research centers and colleges taking part in “Ataa Initiative”.