Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


The student, Mawada bint Sellim Mansour, at UQU Dentistry College won the second position in the University Ideal Model Competition- the first season of 1438H - held on Wednesday 07/08/1438H.  

Proceedings of the competition, in which (29) students took part from all colleges and branches, were organized by the Students Affairs Deanship at Jawahra Hall, University Studies Deanship for Girls, Al-Zaher Girls Campus. The competition came as part of the closing ceremonies for works and programs of the Students Affairs Deanship. The prize is a first step toward more progress, boom and achievement by the Dentistry College.

For his turn, the College Dean, Dr. Dr. Abdel Aziz Khotani, congratulated Mandoura on this great achievement, extending his thanks to the College Vice-Dean (Females Section), Dr. Sara bint Wajdi Tahir and the following members of the supervision committee for their efforts:

  1.   Dr. Hind Hassan Abdul Atif
  2.  Dr. Fatima Al-Zahraa Awad Saeed.
  3. Dr. Ibtisam bint Kamil Afifi.
  4.  Dr. Rabab Ibrahim Salama.
  5. Dr. Abla Abdul Hai Arafa.
  6.  Dr. Gaidaa Mohamed Salim Badhabaan.
  7.  Mrs. Safaa Hussein Tameem.

Khotani urged students of the college to be an ideal model on the UQU level within the new initiatives and projects embodied in the strategy (How to be a Role Model) in Makkah. He extended his thanks to his highness the university president and organizing bodies for well organization and concern on development of the university students in particular and the university staff and dwellers of Makkah in general.