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Lectures on Intellectual Awareness

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he Intellectual Awareness Unit, in cooperation with the College of Education in Al-Zahir (female section), is pleased to announce the presentation of a series of lectures on intellectual awareness, which are planned to be delivered by academic members of the college.

Agendas and Dates

Date Date
Dr. Huda Muhammad Babtain 2019-02-27
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Teachers working on enhancing the dimension of intellectual security within the classroom in order to effectively and efficiently contribute to the building of proper citizenship. 10:00:42 - 12:00:45
Dr. Sarah Hilail Al-Mutairi 2019-03-07
Event Agenda Agenda Time
Promotion of the values of moderation and tolerance through stories from the Qur'an. 10:00:49 - 12:00:54
Dr. Sibha Hakim Al-Lihiani 2019-03-13
Event Agenda Agenda Time
Raising the awareness of the parents about the importance of developing intellectual security among kindergarten children. 09:00:20 - 12:00:26
Dr. Hanan Qadi Al-Hazimi 2019-03-20 - 2019-02-20
Event Agenda Agenda Time
Protection of youth against intellectual aberrations. 09:00:37 - 11:00:45
Dr. Fatimah Salim Bajabir 2019-03-26
Event Agenda Agenda Time
Employing the concepts of intellectual security and national belonging in education. 10:00:12 - 13:00:19
Dr. Fakhriyah Isma`il Khuj 2019-03-28
Event Agenda Agenda Time
Intellectual security (common concepts, constants, and variables). 11:00:16 - 13:00:21

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