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 The service enables the academic staff and employees to update their CVs.
 This service enables the academic staff to apply for the recommencement e-service electronically and obtain the necessary approvals.
 This service is about the automation of all the paper forms (paper transactions) so as to save time and effort, fulfilling the Saudi Vision 2030.
 This service enables the faculty members and employees to follow up their financial benefits online.
 Favorite is a tool in your profile, through which you can save a news story or form to be able to return to it later on.
 This service enables students to request apology during the semester and after registration of courses for a specific period of time.
 This service enables students to request postponement of their studies before the beginning of the semester, for a specific period.
 This service enables dropouts to get back on track and resume their university studies.
 This service enables students to withdraw from UQU and cancel their registration at the University.
 This service enables students to add courses through the semester.
 This service enables students to obtain a true copy of their transcript.
 This service enables students to request excuse from a course before the examination period.

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