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This Center was established in 1397h as per the recommendations of the World Conference for Islamic Education held in Makkah. In the beginning, it affiliated to the Organization of Islamic Conference, then it was attached to the Deanship of Scientific Research in 1436H after its establishment under
The Center is a specialized administrative and scientific body created to support health research in the Institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage. It plays a significant role in achieving university mission in serving the community by contributing to solving common health p
The Center of Social Sciences is concerned with studies and researches in the field of social and economic sciences such as; geography, media, social work, English language, library and information science, business administration, accounting. Islamic economy and other social and economic specialtie
The Pharmaceutical Science Researches Center seeks to advance the research process through contributing to developing the quality of scientific research on the main fields for pharmacology. To boost the scientific pharmaceutical researches, the UQU Scientific Research Deanship adopted the introducin
The center was established in 1417H. Then in 1436H, the center was annexed to the Vice-Deanship of Scientific Research for Research Groups and Centers.
The Arabic Language and Literature Research Center was founded upon a decision taken by the UQU Supreme University Council on Rabee' II 19, 1407H. This move came as part of the trend to making centers more specialized, and to expanding the scope of their functions and competences. Formerly, all such
The Applied Sciences Research Center is deemed to be a specialized scientific and administrative body. It was founded with a vision to support applied sciences research, under the umbrella of the UQU Deanship of Scientific Research. The center plays a substantial role in realizing the UQU mission, s
Founded in 1396H, the Center for Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage used to cover all areas of Islamic research. And in 1407H, the University Council approved of establishing an independent center for Islamic studies, such as Qur'an, Sunnah, Fiqh, Islamic theology, Islamic creed,