Welcome to 

College of Business Management-  CBM

Umm Al-Qura University


  • The CBM was founded in 2009 (1429 A.H). Its emergence came in response to the continuing requirements of the Comprehensive Development Plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for which the college would contribute effectively by providing qualified and skilled labors in the fields of administrative sciences and tourism.   
  • The College adopts, in its composition, the idea of learning based on social responsibility and meeting the needs of the labor market in the Kingdom. Its academic activities are inspired by the philosophies of education applied at European and American universities. The College works to establish links with economic, administrative and tourist institutions in our saudi society to meet their needs in their programs. Of these links are holding workshops and joint meetings as well as inviting members of the labor market and the local community to meet with students and educate them on the nature of their future career. 
  • The main programs and courses are taught in English Language in order to give the students opportunity to learn directly from original sources, as well as they will have a better ability to develop their knowledge and practices. 
  • The College also adopts another second foreign language at the department of tourism and hospitality for the purpose of promoting the students to the international standards of requirements of tourism and hospitality.