College of Medicine

A Glance at the History of the Establishment of the Faculty:


In 1983 corresponding to the year 1403 Hijjry, the first meeting of the University’s Higher Council agreed on the establishment of the department of Medical Sciences as one of the departments of the faculty of Applied Sciences in Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah. This department lead to the future establishment of the faculty of Medicine, and because of this a special committee was configured to the development of the faculty of Medicine. It inducted into its membership a number of specialists from medical faculties from around the Kingdom’s illustrious universities. His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (may God have mercy on him) set the cornerstone to University City for Umm Al-Qura University in Abdiyah in 8/1/1406 H. (1985), and issued guidance in obtaining the necessary information and work on creating a faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the university; along with the establishment of a University Teaching Hospital to teach and train students from the faculty.


In 1995 (1416 H.) the faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences was established at Umm Al-Qura University in compliance with the orders from the Royal decree number 7/B/9045, dated 27/6/1416 H., in which it states the acceptance of the Higher Education Committee no. (2/9) taken from the second committee meeting dated 11/6/1416 H. to change the department of Medical Sciences to the faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences.


In 2005 (7/6/1426 H.), after the minutes from the 36th meeting of the Higher Education Committee on 26/2/1426 H., which was in reference to the change from the department of Medical Sciences in the faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences to a detached faculty under the name of the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences  and changed the faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences to the faculty of Medicine, the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques (may God protect him) granted these changes with the Royal decree no. 7710/B.


Faculty Goals:

?         Supporting health care services in the Kingdom by way of graduating physicians with high standings; thus allowing them to practice the craft of General Medicine, while preparing them for the completion of Higher Education in medicine and its diverse fields.

?         Makkah’s Community service thru its progress with healthy conduct and protection for the community.

?         Conduct Medical research in diverse fields with emphasis on study connected to the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and the health of the pilgrims, considering that it is the site of revelation and the direction for millions of pilgrims.


Faculty Programs:

The Faculty of Medicine in Umm Al-Qura University bestows a bachelors degree in the program of “Medicine and Surgery” after completing 7 years of study which is divided into 3 stages:
1)      The first three years includes study of the major Medical Sciences curriculum, which begins with a condensed English language program during the first year; in addition to the University’s mandatory curriculum which includes: four levels of the Holy Quran and four additional levels in Islamic Education, as well as, two courses of Arabic language and the Prophet’s life.
2)      In the fourth, fifth and sixth years, the Clinical Sciences curriculum is taught.
3)      The seventh and final year is spent in Clinical field training.


Faculty Educational Plan:


Framework of Faculty Administration


Dean of College: Dr. Abdullah Abul-Rahman Al-Marzuki

Vice-Deans and Faculty Administrators


1)      Vice-Dean Faculty of Medicine: Dr. Abdullah Attiyah Al-Ghamdi

2)      Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs: Dr. Ghassan Salem Nouman

3)      Vice-Dean for Hospital Affairs: Dr. Ameen Zaid Al-Hiraby
4)   Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research:  Dr. Aiman M. Momenah

5)      Administration Manager: Abdullah Mohammad Baharthy


Previous Deans Since the establishment of the faculty:

1)      Dr. Abdulwahab Mohammad Ali Tlmesani 1417-1421 H. (1997-2001).

2)      Professor Abdulrazaq Mohammad Nour Sultan 1421-1427 H. (2001-2006).


Faculty Departments:

The faculty currently has 14 departments which include the following:


1)      Biochemistry

2)      Physiology

3)      Anatomy

4)      Microbiology

5)      Hematology & Immunology

6)      Pharmacology & Toxicology

7)      Pathology

8)      Parasitology

9)      Medical Genetics

10)  Internal Medicine

11)  Surgery

12)  Obstetrics and Gynecology

13)  Pediatrics

14)  Community Medicine and Pilgrims Health Care


Faculty Facilities:

The Abdiyah facilities house the following buildings:

1)      Faculty administration building houses the offices of the Dean, Vice-Deans, Heads of departments, teaching faculty and administrators. In addition the building has: a mosque, clinical skills laboratory, anatomy laboratory and research laboratory and sustenance services unit. There are two large lecture halls with a 160 seating capacity, fully equipped with state of the art instructional tools, such as, computers, datashow, slide projector, overhead projector and others; along with storage units.

2)      Male campus lecture halls include 8 large halls with a 120 seating capacity each fully equipped with state of the art instructional tools. Adjacent to the lecture halls is a zootechnics unit for use in research purposes.

3)      Female campus houses offices of the administrative staff, teaching faculty and 8 lecture halls, along with teaching classrooms. Attached to the building are studios which are connected to the lecture halls by way of a television connection, which transmits lectures given by the male teaching staff to female students, this is to ensure a non-coed environment. The campus also includes 12 laboratories with preparation rooms in each laboratory.

4)      Faculty Library: Located between the Female campus and the male lecture halls. The library holds 6100 books and resources in both languages, Arabic and English, in all the different fields of medicine and its sciences. Also included are an excess of 1500 medical and scientific magazines and journals.




A Look to the Future:


Faculty’s Future Plans:

1-     The completion of a University Teaching Hospital with 400 beds under the order of the royal patronage no. 7/B/45888 dated 23/11/1423 H. (2003).

2-     The completion of the foundations of buildings and teaching staff. The faculty currently has more than 45 staff members on scholarships in the United States, Canada, England and Germany.


Contact information:


P.O. Box 7607 Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Telephone exchange: 5270000

Office of the Dean: ext: 4018/4020

Office of the Vice-Dean: ext: 4111

Office of the Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs: ext: 4028

Office of the Vice-Dean of Hospital Affairs: ext: 4101

Office of the Vice-Dean of Clinical Affairs: ext: 4151

Administration Manager: ext: 4015

Incoming mail: ext: 4213

Fax: ext: 4110